What I'm Not

I've been wondering about my participation (or non-participation) in the political pandering of today. It feels like I should say something. And then I got clear about what I am, and what I'm not. I do not watch the televised news -- and haven't since the days after 9/11. When I noticed my addiction to the 24/7 news cycle, I bowed out. Since then, my friends and family let me know when something I need to know about is happening. And I read my social media feeds, clicking on links to articles. Sometimes I follow the rabbit hole, down...down.

Does it help me to read about who said what, when, and how our demise is certain? Not so much.

I like to understand most things from many different perspectives. Because I haven't studied government or politics or policy, I feel inept at fully grasping most of what gets written in those genres. And I judge myself for not being more informed. I doubt I'm alone in this.

I mostly enjoy figuring people out -- always curious how beliefs that don't serve people get deeply rooted. I want to look for ways to help people question the beliefs no longer serving them.

But as a thought leader, I keep thinking I should take a stand and share my opinion. Or at least advise those who suffer unnecessarily.

Really? Would this fulfill any greater purpose than loving people where they are, which is what I naturally do? Does the world need another opinion?

Probably not.

What I'm Not

Here's what I know. My impact as a trumpeter of political ideology would be minimal. I am not a researcher. I am not a political strategist (YUCK).

I am not meant to take sides.

I was created to love people in spite of perceived flaws. I help people feel better about themselves, regardless their world view. I am skilled at critical thinking and am inspired to pose questions that help others do so.

Is this enough in today's fear-based, frustrated world?

I hope so because it's all I've got. It's help me to recognize what I'm NOT. How about you?

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work with me