What is a Love Activist?

Welcome to another glorious week of loving kindness, people.

A few years ago, in my continuous struggle to name exactly what it is I do in my work, it came to me that I could be called a "Love Activist".  At the time, it seemed like a clever idea - and when I tried it out on a few people, it didn't resonate. So I dropped it and continued describing myself as "coach".

Recently, while surrounded by strangers at a conference, I was inspired to revive the moniker. When people asked me what I do, my reply was "Love Activist". The first time my words were a little shaky. I lacked the kind of confidence I was hoping I'd have. Even so, I was met with a curious and positive response.

They were intrigued, so I continued to use Love Activist throughout the event. It sparked some amazing conversations! Calling myself a Love Activist spawns an explanation of just what I mean by that. In case you're wondering, I will give you what I gave them -- my own interpretation of the spirit of it all.

When I'm in the room, I realize that more love is present. When I'm working with a leader who is confused, disappointed, or otherwise unclear, I know that it's a call for love. I often pose questions evoking a loving response. Perhaps self love is missing. Perhaps fear is leading the way. My role is to encourage loving kindness while helping leaders take love-based action rather than leading with a fear orientation.

I was recently given one of the highest compliments ever - that I "ooze" love. What this means to me is that my presence reflects the love that I feel for people, without having to express it verbally. My energy is loving, and I'm always checking to be sure my actions are coming from love.

Self identification is so important, because we are what we believe we are. When I first got the idea of Identifying myself as a love activist, I wasn't fully practicing it, so it didn't work for me. Now that my way of being aligns with it, I'm able to engage with the love that has always been in me, in unapologetic and profound ways.

I know for certain that my work with leaders, steeped in love, will have a tremendous impact on those who choose to work with me. I often speak the word "love" boldly in a corporate setting, as it relates to leadership, and am committed to teaching leaders new ways of loving their people. I'm writing a book that will further this cause, to be released this Fall.

What are your possibilities for activating love, in your world? If not love, where do you come from?