What Makes Us Who We Are?

Rising Up

We took a road trip last week to Chattanooga so that I could be with a client for a VIP Strategy Session (one of my favorite ways for rising up!) During the drive, we were listening to Krista Tippett narrating her book "Becoming Wise."

Her voice rings so true; her words are gorgeous. I love what she says about where we are as humans, and what how we can be rising up during these particularly challenging times.

There was a zinger-moment, too, as she read aloud these words:

"We are made by what might break us."

I hit the rewind, re-listening to the line again and again. The concept was not new to me -- that our challenges are there FOR us, so we can get the learning. But the way she phrased it made me listen a little deeper, and apply the concept a little more fully. I felt more curious about the rising up that can occur right now, in a world that seems to be spinning downward.

Lovely, yes?

As we enter the autumn season, it's a great time to reflect and take stock about what 'makes us' who we are. What events or people am I allowing to shape me? What can I let go? What needs to be destroyed to make room for creation?

If you are interested in this inquiry, I've built a course to help you. It's low-cost, effective, and powerfully designed to support you to allow yourself to lean into what makes you magnificent, and will surely have you rising up to new levels of being.

Underneath the shame, fear, and self-judgement, you ARE magnificent.