When Entrepreneurial Passion Becomes Purgatory

Most entrepreneurs begin their entrepreneurial journey with passion. We may have a hobby that consumes our spare time, subsequently having the brilliant idea to convert our passion into a business. Or perhaps we have a brilliant idea that inspires us to create a unique business model in order to make it come alive.

We entrepreneurs are passionate people. Passion is a deal-breaker; as without it there is no way to fumble through the difficult days in startup life. How else will we keep going when the money doesn't come, or when the idea gets rejected, or when we have to do things in our business we really hate doing? Passion is the gas in our tank; the stimulus that keeps us going.

Entrepreneurs have so many choices, it's critical to choose to do work we love. When we make the leap to begin our own business, we can then rely on connecting to the joy our work brings us. It's so much better than working for someone else's dream.

It works great, until or unless we allow the challenges to take over our joy; when entrepreneurial passion becomes purgatory. Suddenly, whether we feel like or not, we must do that thing that we used to love to do on weekends, and we feel trapped. Maybe we opened a vinyl record store because we had collected them for years, only to find ourselves surrounded by stacks of them that need to be inventoried, and by the way nobody is buying them.

Can you relate to that? How can we avoid this happening? How can we maintain our excitement?

Here are a few ideas to keep your passion alive:

1. Remember to laugh -- every day. Yep. Every single day. Laughter serves to release the tension we're holding in our shoulders. It helps us to remember that we're human, and that it's fun to be human.

2. Get away. Some times the best thing you can do for your business is get away from it for a few days. Things look different when you take a step back.

3. Remind yourself what you loved when you started your business. Reconnect with that as often as possible.

4. Discover your personal WHY. What's in it for you do see this through? What's it all worth to you?

5. Remember it doesn't have to be hard. Passion is easy. If your work seems constricted more often that it feels like it's flowing, there's something to look deeper into.

We're meant to love the ideas that we get to execute. I'm not saying we won't have our "days". What I am saying is this:

If the joyful days don't outnumber the crappy ones, inquiry into the situation is called for.

Ask: What do I think I want, and what am I willing to give up to get it?