When is it Time?


People often reach out to me in a moment of inspiration. They'll read my life coach blog, or see something I've posted somewhere that stirs something in them, and sometimes they'll take the initiative to send me an email or call me. As a life coach, I adore being an inspiration to people who are ready to take some sort of action. Wonderful lives are created through inspired action, and I LOVE to be part of getting something started. When will it be time?Even though people often get inspired, there are times when the inspiration is short-lived. We are creatures of habit, and starting something new can get mighty scary. I hold the space for people to express themselves and get revved up when someone shows signs of embracing change or moving past what is comfortable and known. I've been in both places myself - inspired and disillusioned. It's disappointing when the spark fizzles.

When will it be the right time?



Here are examples of some of the excuses that come up when it comes to actually doing the work:

I can't afford this.

I have too much going on right now.

The economy sucks. It's a terrible time to take this risk.

I'm worried I don't have what it takes to make this happen.

People will think I've gone nuts if I do this.

I need this job for the health insurance.

I don't know where to start.

Sound familiar? I've allowed these very excuses to stop me, too. Now I know, while all this may very well feel like the truth, there is always another way to see things. Beneath every excuse (you might be thinking these aren't excuses?) there is a fear. I want to explore that fear, layer by layer, shining the light on the soft underbelly of it. Because the truth is we make this crap up. It's easier to rest inside of these stories that perpetuate complacency; much easier to do that, than to actually start and finish something.

Starting and finishing takes persistence. Discipline. Focus. Desire. Passion. Sometimes it requires help from others. Sometimes it requires me to dig deep and find traits that don't feel like they are my "Personality." Even in a "bad economy." Even though others will think I've lost my mind, giving up that security (security is an illusion).

When will it be the right time? 

There will always be very good and logical "reasons" to postpone something big and scary. There will never be any guarantees that it will work. I can ignore what my spirit is telling me for eons, truly. It happens all the time.

All the glory resides outside the place where things are predictable and safe. I might feel scared and uncertain how things will turn out, and I can choose not to allow that to stop me from taking the action I can take today, however tiny it may be. I lean heavily into my faith that things always work out, even if they don't work out the way I expect them to. This belief has never failed me.

What does it cost me to stay safe?