Who Are We Listening To?


Growing up, we are taught to listen to our parents, our caregivers, our teachers, our leaders of community. We are being shaped, molded, socialized. We are wired to seek belonging, so we seek comfort in establishing values that fit in with those around us. We modify our beliefs to match those of our elders, granting them absolute authority on any given topic. Though as children we surely have our own unique inner guidance system, given to us by our creator, our culture discounts that guidance, deferring to those that have gone before us. And so it goes.

Who are we listening to?

Once grown, we lose track of our inner guidance system; unused, discarded, asleep. We listen to everyone but ourselves. Our identity feels so real, as if we were born outgoing or shy, aggressive or meek. We become the person others told us we are, leaning in to habits formed and shaped in an effort to belong. Every time we identify a trait to ourselves, we further support what we believe to be our "personality." Is personality real, or made up? Our soul patiently waits for us to remember who we really are, without the story that was shaped by those around us -- that thing that feels like our "personality." The personality is all about ego - and the ego wants us to look good and be safe. There is a chasm between the identification of self through ego, and the naturally existing, soul-level, true self.

Is the life we are living... the life that our soul is craving?


Are we listening more to the voices of the past, the influences of our growing up years? Are we living someone else's life because we see no other path for our own uniquely created destiny? Are we more interested in living behind the ego-protected curtain, or is it clear that something more -- something deeper, is waiting for us?

Who are you listening to?There is only one way to know. The soul needs quiet, love infused space in which to truly emerge. For our inner voice to be heard, we must create the opening. Running beneath the surface of our daily existence, is a deeper, more fulfilling purpose that our soul longs for us to experience. We may never tap into that rich place, staying occupied with the busy-ness in front of us. It's there for us when we're ready.

Your soul was born ready. It quietly and patiently sends us glimmers of wisdom -- feelings, intuition, instinct. Are we listening?



P.S. There is no better way to get started on this path than to spend one full day with me. I call it Liberation Day, but perhaps it could be more aptly named SOUL Liberation Day.