Words Matter: You Create Your Life Through Your Language

I've been thinking about language and what gets created by us through our language choices.

We are ultimately the language we speak into the world; in fact, our language quite literally creates our experience of life.

Our bias, our judgments -- our kindness and compassion -- all manifest through the words we use.

Our worldview serves as a filter through which we speak. Disputes, disagreements, and disappointments arise when value systems clash.

Words hurt as much as heal; divide us or connect us. Words matter.

I've been curious about people I care about whose worldview is different from mine.

Understanding what they value helps me reconcile the emotions their words evoke in me. I want to love better -- and with fewer conditions.

I have a choice -- to decide I'm right and they are wrong or seek to understand them better.

So I've been asking bigger questions. If I can understand the logic -- the assumptions we both make, and the belief system that dictates our mutual understanding, it's more likely; I can love them more and better. By taking this stance, I create through my language.

What I most love about us humans is the shared capacity for what doesn't yet exist and the possibility that it may get created. When I say 'I love you' I might mean that I adore and appreciate who you are -- that is if I know you personally.

If I don't know you personally, it might mean I love your capacity for creating what's possible, and your willingness to explore your potential while traveling our separate and connected paths.

Questions are an effective way to create clarity as well. I'd love to ask you a few biggies.

How might your curiosity about another's belief system create something you value?

How may your curiosity about others core values serve all of us?

What is the opportunity cost of standing more firmly in our need to be right than being in conversation with others who see things differently?

What do you value?

Loving your possibilities,

P.S. I really want to know.