Working Versus Serving


Every day, I wake up with a choice.  I can either wake up and go to work, or I can wake up and serve. What do you think the difference is, between working versus serving?

The way I see it, I can show up for a job for the sake of receiving the money in exchange for the work, with no greater purpose than "making a living." Or, inside of that work, I can have an intention to serve others in a way that is unique and allows the full expression of who I am in my work. In my life now, I always choose the latter. It hasn't always been that way, and it's only because I couldn't see the difference. Now that I see, I can't imagine how other people choose to work without an intention to serve.

It doesn't really matter the type of work a person does - all work serves something or someone

Have you ever experienced exceptional service from the person bagging your groceries? Or the person serving you food? You know what it feels like to be served, at any level. If you are a grocery bagger or a food server, you have many opportunities every day to make a difference, just by being you.  

For example, I travel often, and sometimes I'm tired enough from travel that I choose to grab a meal in the hotel I'm staying in. As you can imagine, the servers in such a place begin to get to know repeat travelers. Recently, while staying at a hotel, the server took the time to build a relationship with me. Because she initiated a real conversation with me during my first visit, she remembered me when I visited again. She helped me navigate the food choices, taking a genuine interest in my complete satisfaction. She noticed I didn't eat the bread from the sandwich, and took it off my bill. She laughed with me, commiserated with me, cared about me. She saw me as a person, not a customer. I appreciated that.

What she did for me didn't take excessive time or more energy. She simply showed up as herself - loving and kind and accommodating. I doubt she wakes up with the thought, "Who can I serve." I do think she is aware of who she is in the world, and creates a daily commitment to be that, wherever she is. How great is that?

Imagine a life of service to others. Imagine waking up wondering who and how you will serve - every single day. Imagine a world where your intention is to serve above all else. It's a gift, an honor, and a privilege.