Workshop for Entrepreneurs


There are people in this world who work quite well alone, and some that seek out and thrive in a vibrant community of diverse, yet like-minded people. Which camp do you fall in? My own non-scientific research (anecdotal at best) suggests that most entrepreneurs crave community; most feel that business is more fun and productive when they participate in lively conversations with other entrepreneurs about something that matters.

Workshop for EntrepreneursI know the difference between having access to such a community --  and not having one, because I’ve experienced both extremes. It’s for this reason that I created the space for a monthly gathering of entrepreneurs right here in Michiana. (For those of you not familiar with this term, here you go: Michigan + Indiana = Michiana)

In the past 4 months since this workshop for entrepreneurs, called Entrepreneur's Cafe came alive inside Studio C in Goshen, Indiana, the results have been inspiring. People walk away on a Saturday lighter in their step. They have a new sense of determination for following their passion while creating a thriving business. They have confidence that they’re on the right path. They don’t feel so alone; rather, they get a sense that others struggle in similar ways and there is a way through it.

How does this magic happen? It’s no accident. The space was created intentionally to provide a rich environment for learning and creativity. It is made possible through my belief that people always have something of value to contribute to a conversation. And the best conversations happen when every person offers their unique perspective, in a space where their voice can be heard.

Imagine...the scent of coffee and the sound of coffee shop music in the background, in a space intentionally designed for the cultivation of creativity. You are sitting at a small table, where markers and crayons are splayed upon large sheets of craft paper. Creative thinking is nurtured, in a space where it’s safe to be you.

Across from you is an entrepreneur, either literally or in spirit, who is there for the same reason you are. They will have a like-mindedness about them, and yet they will come from an entirely different experience base. As the conversation unfolds there is a cross-pollination of ideas which would not have been possible but for this community of entrepreneurs coming together.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and you see that this sort of community is missing for you, I’d suggest you seek one out. If you happen to be in the Michiana area, make plans to attend the next Entrepreneur Cafe.

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