Creative Retreat for Women

Your magnificent soul is craving aliveness.

I’m happiest when I explore beyond the safe edges of my ordinary life. I often ignore this simple truth because I’m afraid that people won’t get me, or that I won’t belong, or that I’ll be judged. I’m worried I’ll lose the people I love and I don’t wish to be alone.

When is the last time you explored your creative edges?

If you’re like me, you naturally seek the safety of home, security and a sense that you are loved. Just as certainly, I know that there is more for each of us if only we are willing to venture out just a little further; each willing to live full out and fearlessly.

You were not meant to be tame.

My creative cravings are as vital to my well being as are my need to eat, hydrate, and eliminate. And yet, exercising my creativity sometimes falls to the back burner.

You know what I mean. Something comes up that seems more important than getting the paints out, or decorating your family room, or writing a poem. So you do the more important thing, and your creative urge is stifled. Worse yet, it’s buried. Nobody expects you to be creative. Nobody understands that it’s missing for you.

And this isn’t just about making art with your creativity. It’s about creating your LIFE.

Your life is your art. You are your most creative endeavor.

I am either growing or dying. Harsh but true. Literally we are all in the process of dying, but I’m talking about the little soul deaths that happen in the small moments. Do you ever find yourself scrolling social media, just to numb out? When I do things like this, it's easy to ignore the truth of me -- sleeping pills for my soul.

Here’s what I’ve learned: exploring my creative edge has changed my life many times over. I was stunned what making art did to heighten my awareness into my soul-journey; living with purpose and aliveness and joy. I became aware of things about myself that I’ve never noticed. My life started to make more sense.

Together, let's shake loose of everything that's not soul.

For my life to flourish and for me to wake up with joy for what will unfold in the hours ahead, I know that I’ve got to allow my creative spirit to live and lead my actions, rather than my intellectual over-inflated ego always calling the shots. Everything good and holy comes from this sacred creative space inside me; this sensual place from which I myself was created.

I've got cravings, sweetheart. I know you do too.

Everything is created. Your whole life. The people in it. Your home. Your work. Your relationships. Your health. Your connections to everything important. You have created all of this. Don’t tell me you aren’t creative. I won’t believe you.

You need to cultivate your creativity – tend to it, like a garden.  Let’s unleash your soul and the precious art that’s within you,  bringing it to life like a newborn baby in all its glory, kicking and screaming.

Expressing your creativity, your art, your life requires commitment and a plan to give you the vital stimulus that will un-tame your edges and ignite the fire that burns deep inside.

That's why I've created this kick-ass weekend retreat for women who want to tap into their wild, untethered creative side.

Here’s what you'll get:

  • A weekend filled with creativity
  • New friends
  • Deep belly laughs
  • Safe and sacred space where magic happens
  • New insights for living a more creative life
  • Writing to re-connect with YOU
  • Art Supplies and direction for projects
  • A customized creative plan for when you return home

The nitty-gritty:

  • You'll arrive at Lakeside Inn, Lakeside, Indiana on Friday, September 21, 2018 between 5-7pm EDT for check-in.
  • We'll meet at 7:00 EDT and spend a few hours getting to know each other, and do a little creative work
  • Saturday we begin at 9am EDT.
  • We create all day -- writing, art, insights, group work, facilitated learning.
  • Ending our day at 6:00pm EDT, we have dinner on our own.
  • Sunday morning at 9:00am EDT, we do it all again until noon.
  • We all leave with our written commitments and art projects, our creative action plan, our hearts full and our soul singing.

My promises to you:

  • You will connect with your inner artist
  • You will see how it’s possible to create the life you choose
  • You will discover what needs to shift to find more happiness
  • You will create powerful intentions for living
  • You will discover your innate genius
  • You will see how your life is your art
  • You will make new commitments


  • 2 nights at Lakeside Inn
  • Dates: 9/21-9/23/2018
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday facilitation
  • Continental Breakfast Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch Saturday
  • All art supplies
  • Fee of $799 total
  • $350 Deposit by July 31, 2018

This is your precious time on this planet, right now. Every moment counts. Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling if you were activating your creativity along with your other talents?  Awakening your creative soul changes everything, believe me.

If this is a HELL YES, stop reading and reserve your spot by using the button below.


If it’s a maybe, would a conversation help? Text me at 574-320-5888.

Either way, move creativity up on your priority list. Get off your glutes TODAY.

Paint. Write. Dream.

Create something magnificent.