It's good to get away

You know you need to get your team offsite, to tune up and have focused time to work on team morale. Maybe your team feels stale, or uninspired. Or maybe you feel uninspired. With an organization filled with busy executives, it seems incomprehensible that you could actually step away from the whirlwind for a few days. Even though you're terrified to take the time, somehow you know you must make it happen. Once you return, your team will be:

  • More organized and clear-thinking
  • Inspired and re-energized
  • Ready to do the most important work
  • New levels of empathy and compassion

Have you considered a heart-centered executive retreat?

As a heart-centered executive retreat facilitator, I can help.

You're tired of hearing your own voice say the same things over and over. You're weary of having to know all the answers.

You have faith that you have mostly the right talent on your team, yet as a team, you don't always accomplish what you set out to do. You know there is potential for becoming a high performing team -- if you only had a strategy for that.

You're seeking a world-class facilitator who will:

  • Help you and your team see your blind spots
  • Bring you closer to new insights that would lead to more effective planning
  • Facilitate a clear and inspired action plan
  • Create a stronger bond between team members
  • Help you slow down as a team and focus on what matters
  • Travel to deliver the executive retreat
  • Give you results beyond the ordinary, surprising you with what gets done

How do you choose the right facilitator?

Clearly, you have choices. Here are the unique qualities I bring to the table.

  • I own the company - no outsourcing, no luck of the draw. If you hire me, you get me.
  • I have a vested interest in adding extraordinary value. It's what keeps clients coming back.
  • My facilitation style is a mixture of intensity and fun. Laughter is essential.
  • I'm a love activist. You and your team will feel loved and safe.
  • My top talent is to provoke inspiration. Nobody will leave feeling as though they wasted time.
  • I will do more than simply keep you on track. I will guide you to see what's really possible.
  • I'm extremely committed to guiding you into a heart-centered retreat space.



We just need some space to breathe. When we get away from our daily routines, we see things more clearly.

Our mind can rest, and we can better see backward thinking. We get new, fresh ideas.

Our perspective shifts when we're not inundated with the pressure and dramas associated with being in the leadership chair.


Not only will we see new strategies for our own operating system, we'll also get some real work done.

We'll create solutions for nagging problems; solutions that are clearer and that come with assigned accountability.


When we create intimate space as a leadership team, we're able to share more deeply about our own struggles. We see that we're not alone and that we're more alike than different.

Having space to really hear one another -- to slow down and listen -- allows for miracles to happen.

We get a peek into our colleague's lives, and we empathize.

New perspectives about one another give us the opportunity to work more effectively together.


When we're slowing down, our minds become open to new ideas, new thoughts, new paradigms.

We're more open to learning ways to improve our situation because that's what space is for.


We get reminded of areas where we're going too fast and make personal commitments to do better.

The act of slowing down reminds us how vital it is to breathe, versus our "hair on fire" normal operating system.

Slowing down helps us get the clarity that is vital to our best performance in life and business.

By customizing the facilitation to meet your unique needs, we're able to set objectives that get met so that everyone walks away grateful for the opportunity to participate, and nobody feels as though it was a waste of their time.