Be Wildly Happy Fall Retreat

When is the last time you took some time for you? I'll bet you've had opportunities to get away, and you've successfully talked yourself out of them. You say "it costs too much" or "I don't have time" or "who will cover for me"? Do you ever find yourself holding your shoulders high up under your ears, tension tightening your tendons and muscles? You go to bed exhausted, and wake up too early to begin another jam-packed day of obligation and responsibility.

We are usually the glue that holds our home and family together. Sometimes, we need to bolster ourselves -- physically, emotionally, creatively and spiritually to recharge our batteries. Sometimes, we need to say YES to our own caretaking.

A Place to Breathe

What if there were a safe, nurturing space for you to relax your shoulders, and enjoy some breathing room? What if this space overlooked Lake Michigan, steps away from the sand and the surf? Imagine this special space serving as a place to create something just for you. Imagine stepping away from your tiring, jam-packed routine of taking care of everyone but yourself. 

There is such a space, and I am holding it for you.

The invitation

I'd love to invite you to a life-changing experience, in a beautiful setting where you will have the chance to refill your proverbial cup.

For up to 20 women who are a HELL YES to this invitation, look forward to laughter, like when you were a little girl at your best friend’s sleepover. Anticipate delicious and healthy food, not prepared by you, but FOR YOU. You're about to drink wine, share secrets, and open your heart to women just like you. This is an opportunity to remember who you truly are without life’s distractions and perceived limitations.

Are you ready to challenge your assumptions about who you need to be every day? Do you even know who you want to be in your life? Isn't it time to explore the possibilities?

You’ll be loved and nurtured and supported every step of the way.

Your dreams will be cradled in the arms of others who only want you to win. You will come together in solidarity, with arms wide open, welcoming the opportunity to learn and be inspired by one another.

This weekend-long, fortifying conversation will be primarily facilitated by me, Charrise McCrorey. You can read my bio below.

I promise to create an extraordinary, unique experience that will quite possibly change your life forever. I know you will walk away refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world!

This is YOUR time. You deserve this.

IMG_0110 3.jpg

The details

Dates: October 19-21, 2018

The Sacred Place: Lakeside Inn, in beautiful Harbor Country in Southwest Michigan. You will arrange for your own overnight lodging here, and if you'd like to share a room, just let us know and we'll help coordinate. You could also join us just for the retreat and drive back home both Friday and Saturday if you desire, but of course it would be best if you're all in.

Here’s what’s Included:

  • Snacks/Drinks
  • Breakfast and Lunch Saturday
  • Breakfast Sunday
  • Over 40 hours of self-care/space
  • Professional Photo Shoot (One finished professional photo to take home)
  • Art Supplies (To use and take home)

Here are your takeaways:

  • Feel connected, loved and listened to
  • Gain clarity for an action plan
  • Get inspired and unstuck
  • Tap into a stream of creativity you didn't know you had

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding that there is really no such thing as perfect balance

  • Seeing ways you migh get in your own way

  • Pausing long enough to get clear

  • Intentionally stepping out of the whirlwind

  • See how to make space for top priorities

  • At last, remembering who you really are

  • Learn how to reduce stress

  • Revival of your dreams (that may have been on a shelf for years)

  • Stronger commitment to take better care of yourself

  • Understanding how to love yourself

  • How much you miss a good belly laugh

  • How to create intentional action

Fee and terms:

  • $799 ($100 discount if paid in full by September 15, 2018)
  • Absolutely no refunds
  • Lodging is not included in the Fall Retreat Fee. You will be responsible for selecting and paying directly to the Inn for your own room. There are many different room types from which to choose ranging in price from $95-$200 per night. You will have an option to share a room if you choose (let us know if you need help with that). 
  • We strongly recommend that you stay onsite for the complete weekend with us to get the most of your experience. 

    To make reservations, here is the lnn information: 

Lakeside Inn

15251 Lakeshore Road
Lakeside, Michigan 49116
Phone: (269) 469-0600
Fax: (269) 469-1914

What Will Happen?

You will arrive on Friday, October 19th between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm EDT. We will have snacks and wine together; time to unwind and get to know each other, beginning at 6:00 pm EDT. We’ll have our first session led by Roxanne Dirnberger. She'll guide us through a discovery of the connections between us and ways to enhance our lives through building authentic relationships. 

On Saturday, October 20th we’ll serve you a delicious breakfast between 8:00 and 9:00 am, and then we’ll practice a connection exercise.

At 10:00 am we will begin to create life-giving conversations about extreme self-care and what’s most important to us. We’ll explore the difference commitment and intention can make and discover new boundaries for the way we give and spend our time. We'll do some writing and doodling every step of the way.

We’ll have a wonderful lunch around 1:00 pm, followed by another powerful session where we’ll explore the edges of our creativity -- finding the through-line to our uniqueness. Jane Lockhart, of Jane Lockhart UX Designs one of my favorite creators will lead us in a fun and easy session and I will share what I have learned from my creative journey.

We’ll wrap up the day with a recap of our conversations, giving everyone a chance to share how they are feeling and what they learned.

You’ll be on your own for dinner at one of the lovely nearby restaurants. After dinner, you’re free to wander back down to the beach, or cozy up to the fireplace with a glass of wine. Or, if you choose, you can go to sleep early. 

On Sunday, you’ll wake up to another lovely breakfast at 8:00 am, feeling joyful, nurtured and well rested. We’ll check in with eachother and then move right into another fabulous teaching, helping you discover the way you see yourself.

Kayla Holdread of Weeping Willow Photography will take professional photos of you -- and prepare one for you to take home with you. We’ll have a conversation about the beauty we see in one another, and potentially the judging we reserve for ourselves. This is the pinnacle of the weekend, as all the awareness you’ve created from the Saturday segments bring you into a whole new way of seeing things.

You will see how to reintegrate yourself back into your life, with more intention and purpose for loving yourself as you do others.

Next we’ll create a very special commitment ceremony, where we’ll make promises to ourselves about who we are going to be and what we are going to do to manifest the results from what we’ve learned.

We’ll have another brief conversation recapping what we’ve experienced, and then at noon there will be mad hugs a final exchange of love and energy.

We will have experienced the sanctuary we were craving, breathing more slowly and deeply, now inspired to create from our purpose with clarity and intention.


Facilitator and Creator of Be Wildly Happy,

Charrise McCrorey

I'm a professional artist and writer, a creative muse, a business and life coach, a consultant, and someone you'll want to have on your team. I lead with my heart and intuition, while being firmly grounded in reality and strategic thinking.

I've specialized in personal and professional development my entire adult life. I've always been the natural go-to person for people who want to sort something out, discover new ideas, or get something started. I'm an idea machine, and creative problem solving is one of my favorite things.

I have an affinity for helping women get clear on their next chapter, regardless the situation.

I'm a Midwest girl, born and raised in the Indiana/Michigan area. I'm married to the love of my life, have two grown children, and my first grandchild. I am wildly happy.

I've been in the business world my whole life, and this experience plus my innate creativity give me a unique perspective from which to help people. I am a professional speaker, published author, Certified Business Coach and Certified Transformational Coach


Jane Lockhart 

Jane Headshot.JPG


Jane will be presenting a segment on creativity, and as a designer/artist she is the perfect person to help us tap into our own creative mojo. I love how creativity oozes from her pores! She's fun and funny and if you don't already know her, you're in for a treat.

Here is her formal bio:

Jane Lockhart is owner of Jane Lockhart UX Designs, LLC in South Bend, IN. She brings a decade of corporate experience with companies like Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Bissell to her clients, helping them to create digital and print communication strategies designed to connect with their real client base, assisting with everything from evaluating the usability of your website to designing infographics or a flier. Jane is passionate about South Bend and growing the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. She is a member of AMA Michiana, where she's Communications Co-Chair, she is involved in Ready to Grow St. Joe Community Meetings supporting early childhood education in the Michiana area, as well as a communications volunteer for the Meow Mission. In her spare time, Jane can be found reading and cooking with her husband and two very large cats. She and Sam also share a passion for travel. 


Kayla Holdread

Kayla Headshot.jpg

Kayla will be co-presenting a segment on self-image, and will be taking amazing photos of all of us. Kayla has mad photography skills (one to take home!) And what I most admire about her is her soft-heartedness towards others -- she sees the beauty in everyone. 

Here is what she says about herself:

I'm Kayla, a professional family, child and wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience. I'm a wife, mama, cat owner, and a romantic nut. I feel so lucky to get to do what I love. Clients have described me as kind, patient, courteous -- and most of all someone who genuinely cares for them.


Roxanne Dirnberger

Roxanne_Dirnberger july18.jpg

Roxanne will be presenting a segment for helping us create powerful connections. You know how some people automatically know who you need to know to get something done? That person knows everyone, and is always willing to make that valuable introduction. That person is Roxanne. I love her willingness to help -- she's the first one to raise her hand. 

Everyone wants to get to know Roxanne!

Roxanne Dirnberger is a true example of the gift of connection at work. Always willing to share her experiences and resources, Roxanne specializes in connecting and building relationships. Her commitment to taking on an active role in building her Michiana Community is demonstrated on many levels, including serving as a professional link to partner success & new business development, and volunteering with organizations to bring area businesses together in creative collaborations, and founding and facilitating a book club for professional women.

Backed by her signature high energy, Roxanne is an active student of the Art of Communication. Her undeniable power shows up in the way every team she leads tends to thrive—benefitting from her wide range of expertise in fast paced, evolving environments and from the passion she brings to maximizing the potential in others.

Roxanne’s enthusiasm bleeds into every area of her life, “My creativity is defined through my passions. I also express myself through cooking and enjoy being a true ‘foodie'.  I love exploring new places, maintaining an active lifestyle and taking on challenging adventures. I continue to practice mindfulness and strive to live in the moment. I am filled with gratitude for all my blessings."