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Are you stuck?

It happens to the best of us. There have been times when I was just not sure which direction to take, so I did nothing. I felt discouraged, my creative flow was blocked and my energy was low.

Though I eventually got clear and moved on, I always wanted to get going a little sooner.

Where are you right now? Are you just not sure what’s next for you?

I can say that for me, it’s fear that stops me whenever I’m stuck. What if I make a mistake? What if I’m not good enough at this thing I’m considering doing? What if I fail? What if I waste time? What if I look bad to others? What if my family doesn't want me to change?

What if I genuinely can’t see my next move?

I want you to know you’re not alone. Since I began my coaching practice in 2006, the most common reason people hire me is because they are stuck. Maybe they have wanted to start a side hustle but haven’t quite gotten it done. Or they are in a dead-end relationship and they know they need to do something. Or they want a promotion at work and can’t seem to get traction.

Sometimes entrepreneurs work with me because they have grown bored or tired of their business and want to get excited again.


Do you want to live a wildly happy life?

To live a wildly happy life -- bold action is required. Inspired action comes from a place of clarity and a passionate drive to move something forward. Being wildly happy requires following the voice that whispers you’re meant to DO something new -- changing what isn’t working.

But change can feel scary, and risky.

I want to help you get moving. My experience tells me how valuable it is to give voice to the fear. To speak out loud the dark and frightening thoughts that stop me from living my best life.

That’s why I created this opportunity to come together for a game-changing conversation. I want you to feel confident in taking the first baby step toward making the change you want to make. I want you to see that you’re not the only one feeling the way you’re feeling.

I stand for women -- leaders, mothers, makers, writers -- anyone who is ready for bold action toward creating their wildly happy life.

Maybe you can’t imagine what I mean by the phrase ‘wildly happy’. Maybe you’re so far from it you hold it as an impossible goal.


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What Does It Mean To Be Wildly Happy?

Maybe you can’t imagine what I mean by the phrase ‘wildly happy’. Maybe you’re so far from it you hold it as an impossible goal.

Or maybe you’re so close to it, you can smell it -- but there’s just this one thing in the way of living this way.

Join us for a live video coaching call on Thursday, August 23, 2018 at noon EDT or at 6:00 pm EDT (two choices to accommodate schedules) specifically designed to inspire you into action.

It won’t cost you anything but your time, and I promise you’ll walk away with something new to think about. It’s possible you’ll get something you might not even know you needed.

You’re worth it.


Join The Conversation

We'll gather together for about ninety minutes. You can share your particular situation and receive live coaching, or if you prefer you can simply listen as someone else shares theirs.

You can be part of the synergy of women coming together in service, solidarity, and for a supportive community.

Your presence makes a difference, and here's a way to gather closer to explore what truly matters.

Bring your focus, attention, and your lovely open-hearted self! I know you will leave the conversation inspired, and expect you to have a better idea how to move forward in some small and vital way.

To accommodate schedules, I'm hosting two separate sessions. Both will happen through Zoom on Thursday, August 23, 2018 -- one at noon EDT and one at 6:00 pm EDT. You can join either or both!