Leadership Consulting

Offering heart-centered leadership consulting to business leaders and organizations, providing a unique and customized discovery and implementation process for solving your greatest growth challenges.  At the heart of this work is the premise that you are the source of your own solutions, as creative thinkers and doers.  As a thought partner, I support leaders in getting to the BIG question that most serves the greater good, through:

  • customized workshops

  • one to one coaching

  • small and large group facilitation

  • strategic design

  • creative problem solving

  • executive retreats

This proprietary Leadership Consulting process, by its nature, connects the human spirit to our innate desire to make a difference, solving the most complex business problems once and for all.  Being involved as the leadership consultant in both the discovery and implementation phases for answering the BIG question, allows for sustained and efficient solutions to arise. Problems stay solved as creative problem solving capacity is developed as a culture of people.

This process requires a sincere desire to ask and answer bigger questions, to create a healthier relationship with the idea of change, and to rise up to our highest human capabilities.  It’s for organizations who are impatient with status quo thinking, who understand and accept the notion that we can do better. This heart-centered approach is rooted in 20 love leadership principles developed by Charrise.

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