Happy & Angsty - 9x12" Print  Available Here

Happy & Angsty - 9x12" Print Available Here

How Do You Honor Your Mother?

Mothers hold a special place in the hearts of many. In real life, your relationship with your own mother may be amazing or disappointing and everything between. One thing is certain -- whatever your experience of being mothered has been, it has irrevocably shaped you.  

What if you could honor the good things you (and your siblings) got from her in a custom art piece, commemorating the joy, the laughs and the lessons -- the one-of-a-kind bond that only a mother and her children experience?


How Do You Honor The Mother of Your Children?

Let's face it, without the mother there'd be no children. Is the mother of your children the glue that holds the whole thing together? Does she multi-task like a mo-fo? Is she a nurturer, a care-giver? How do you acknowledge all that she is for you and your family?

What if you could memorialize her unique gifts through a customized portrait, capturing not only her individuality but that of your children too? How amazing would such a gift make her feel?

Honor The Mothers In Your Life With A Custom Portrait

Sisters - 9/12 Print,  Available Here

Sisters - 9/12 Print, Available Here

How Do You Honor Your Sisters?

You may not have blood-sisters, but you likely have soul-sisters. Your tribe is carefully chosen to enhance your life -- do they know what they mean to you? Or maybe your tribe, like mine, has your sisters forever in it's center. 

How would it make you feel if you could hang a portrait on your wall, and get one for their walls too -- honoring the place you hold for one another in your wildly happy life?

How Do You Honor Yourself?

We often come last, unfortunately. What is the hidden potential of your wildly happy self? Would she be dancing or singing or making art? Would she be traveling more and multi-tasking less?

Would she be simply holding her arms wide open for others to feel more loved?

Whoever she is, wouldn't you love to have her essence captured in a portrait to remind you to be more of her?