A Personal Creative Retreat

A moment of calm in the eye of the storm. A guided conversation — with your own potential for creativity fully unleashed. A sanctuary for your deepest cravings to come out and play — or pray. A matchbook for the fire in your belly. A life-shifting walk on the beach. A game-changing hike up the mountain. A portal to an answer for the question: is this...it?

A return to the WHY behind your work.  A talent activation adventure, with no printed agenda. A life-shifting stroll on the shore. A holy-wow epiphany, disguised as a trail hike. A portal to an answer for the question: if today was my last day on earth, would I be satisfied with my legacy?

Clarify the most important work of your life.

VIP Day for Entrepreneurs

VIP Day for Entrepreneurs

You’ll experience a private, face-to-face, full-day retreat for your mind, body and unfolding legacy — at a location that’s meaningful, for you. The tropical beach where you proposed to your lover. The small-town coffeeshop where you had your first million-dollar idea. The Colorado mountain trails you grew up exploring. The temple where you found your lost faith.

It'll be just you and me -- at an amazing offsite location that triggers an internal shift from ‘daily grind’ to ‘deep-rooted genius’. No fluorescent lights. No power cords. No beeping, clicking or inbox-checking. We’re tapping into a different kind of electricity.   

We’ll set a clear intention for the experience, before your intensive day begins — knowing that the intention may evolve, as the work takes on a life of its own. 

You'll have my undivided attention for one full day. When is the last time any human witnessed and heard your unguarded brilliance for such a sustained time period? Never? Okay then. 

Take immediate, deliberate action.

We’ll meet for breakfast, and set our intentions for the day. We’ll walk to stimulate conversation, and pause to integrate and recharge. I’ll draw upon my instincts to ask you the questions you may never have been asked  — and you’ll have the time, silence and space to face your truth.

We'll work with questions like these...

...What is your biggest obstacle keeping you from your personal greatness?

...Where is the ‘growing edge’ for you right now?

...How would you like to be remembered?

...What would you scream from the mountaintop?

We’ll get strategic with emotions, and emotional about strategies. There will be no subject off-limits, no possibility brushed away...and no small talk allowed.

Allow space for astonishment.

One full day and multiple belief-shifting conversations later, you’ll emerge with a set of personal declarations, a reframed perspective on your most precious gifts and talents, hit targets and milestones, innovate without friction, and the most valuable currency of all — commitment.

You’ll step back into the whirlwind, carrying a secret, subtle weapon — clarity about the next actions to create your biggest possibilities.

Your path to liberation begins with a simple conversation.