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How it all started...

I recently worked with an amazing photographer, Kayla from Weeping Willow Photography. It was so much fun! It’s my 4th or 5th photo shoot in the past 10 years, as I use photos of myself for my marketing. This time, Kayla captured my fun side!

After having such a blast, I started thinking how so many women would never dream of being the center of a photo shoot. I believe every women needs to treat herself to a photo shoot. That’s when Kayla and I cooked up the idea to collaborate on this exciting project!

I've had my own issues

By the way, don’t get me wrong -- each time my photo is taken, my eye immediately goes to all my perceived flaws. I’ve done a lot of work in this area myself, and have come a long way toward reconciling my body image issues.

And it’s a journey, not a light switch.


Here’s my question:

Could you love yourself a little more? If your answer is yes, we want to help.

We want you to #beyourownvalentine.

Self-love can be complicated. Sometimes we don’t feel like our inside matches our outside. There is a war between how we see ourselves and what we see when we look in the mirror. Society has taught us to be critical of the way our body looks, and the advertising industry sets completely unrealistic standards.

This is not new.

Have you been here?

Imagine this scenario, which could have happened to you as recently as today:

Someone takes a candid shot of you and you can’t quite believe it’s you. Inside you feel so much thinner!  And you had no idea you were having such a bad hair day. Your stomach does a funny twist and you ask them to delete the photo, wishing you didn’t feel this way.

What if you learned to love yourself so much on the inside, that you become more at peace with your external self?

What if you could celebrate yourself more so that photos of you become valued and accepted as part of the imprint of your life?


Self-Love Day.jpg

Is it finally time to reconcile your relationship with your body?

What if you took the time to peel back the layers of beliefs that have you fearful?  The world is fixated on unrealistic standards of beauty. Maybe it's time to stop judging ourselves for not fitting that mold?

And what if you could sort through some of this in a guided, loving and fierce environment with a small group of women with the same fears? Can you imagine calling a truce on the harsh judgement you carry around with you every day?

Is it finally time to love yourself more?

If your answer is YES, we came up with this wild idea.

A Self-Love Day!  

Kayla and I are calling you forward, proclaiming February 10 as the day you begin to shift your relationship to your physical self. It’s the day we’ve carved out for you and five other women to finally let go of the negative self talk, creating space for gratitude for all the work your body does to carry you through the activities important to you.

Here are your take-aways:

  • A new sense of peacefulness
  • Introduction to group work with wonderful women like you
  • A Self-Love Journal to take home and fill with your desires
  • A list of proclamations about loving yourself more
  • The life-changing experience of a private professional photo shoot, complete with fun props
  • A whole new level of self-love
  • Less anxiety about seeing yourself in photographs

The details:

  • Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 10am - 2pm at 101Co3 (101 E. Mishawaka Ave., Mishawaka, IN 46545)
  • $300 per person, 20% discount if you bring a friend
  • Fee Paid Up Front via Check or Credit Card 
  • Includes yummy lunches, coffee and tea provided by Little Black Dog 
  • One professionally photographed and edited digital photo (with access to others purchased separately)
  • Limited to 6 women

Hurry! We're protecting intimate space with only 6 seats and this workshop will be full.

We promise the Self-Love Day will be a fun, light-hearted experience filled with insights and laughter, and we'd be honored if you'd join us.