Scholarship Session

You may be temporarily unable to pay my full session fee. I wouldn't want your situation to stop us from creating something powerful -- most likely the situation that causes you to be unable to pay is the perfect place to begin exploring together. It's ok, really. I've experienced roadblocks too. I want to remove the barrier, and also want you to be invested in improving your situation.

Close your eyes. Imagine the sort of conversation we might have, focusing on your most present challenge. Imagine that load lightening, because it always happens. Imagine speaking your deepest truth into our collective space, placing it in the light where it always gets less scary. Now, imagine the possibilities after our session together, because you found a way. What is this worth to you, and what is the amount of money that feels just right to pay?

In the area below, please fill in your details. Include in Subject the word Scholarship, and add information about what you imagine we could create together, including your challenge details. I promise to respond with a plan.


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